Kepis and Pobe Financial Group Inc.

"Gas is not only a 'bridge' but a 'destination' fuel in a lower-carbon world"

Jon Ozturgut, Managing Principal

Mr. Jon Ozturgut is a Managing Principal at Kepis & Pobe Financial Group Inc. Mr. Ozturgut is a senior oil and gas executive who brings extensive experience in multi-billion dollar investments in exploration, development, and production across global markets in the Americas, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Asia. Mr. Ozturgut was the Chief Commercial Officer of InterOil Corporation which was sold to ExxonMobil for US$2.8 billion, where he also oversaw the monetization of over US$1 billion of downstream and upstream assets. Prior to that, Mr. Ozturgut was Senior Vice President at Woodside Petroleum, the largest independent Australian oil and gas company, overseeing international corporate strategy, growing the exploration portfolio, mergers and acquisitions projects, and LNG developments. He has also held a range of executive positions in operations, delivering significant projects and company transforming transactions during his tenure with Pioneer Natural Resources, CMS Oil and Gas Company, and 15 years with ARCO. Mr. Ozturgut has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington.