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Corporate Governance

Protecting the Interests of our Stakeholders and the Community

Corporate governance is about doing the right things in the right way. It’s about demonstrating accountability and transparency in our actions and decisions. While achieving our long term strategic goals is important to Kepis & Pobe, we also need to protect the interests of our primary stakeholders such as shareholders, employees, business partners, and the community at large.

To reach this standard, we require a set of robust systems and processes, effective leadership and high standards of behavior which supports a culture based upon openness and honesty and creates an external focus on the needs of our clients and the public.

More specifically, we feel that policies and procedures are necessary to:

  • establish a culture based on sound business ethics as embodied in an established code of conduct (see our code of conduct)

  • fulfill the long-term strategic goal of the owners while taking into account the expectations and interests of all the key stakeholders, and in particular should:

    • consider and care for the interests of employees, past, present and future

    • take account of the needs of the environment and the local community

    • work to maintain excellent relations with both business partners and suppliers

  • maintain proper compliance with all the applicable legal and regulatory requirements under which the company is carrying out its activities including anti-bribery and anti-corruption legislation (see our Anti-Corruption Policy).

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